Build a vancamper by converting a cargo van

This is the website for an e-book titled Turning a cargo van into a road trip adventure vehicle. The book contains the details you need to create a tiny, comfortable rolling home – at reasonable cost – and equip it for travel.

I think of road trips as a dependable way to make my life more of an adventure, and this book will show you how to get your adventure at a decent price. You don’t really need a giant RV or trailer… you can happily explore, sleep, eat, and stay squeaky clean in a vancamper, customized using the suggestions in this book. And you won’t have to wade through fluff to get to the good stuff… This is a one-hour read, and it isn't theory or “seems like a good idea” kind of stuff. It's concise, real-world information based on experience. All meat and potatoes, very little parsley. 

Also wanted to mention that the book includes a bunch of useful links that I've accumulated over several years, including virtually all of the best sites you can use to find free camping spots. At the end of the book there's a link to a downloadable pdf with pictures of details of my van’s equipment. What the photos aren’t able to reveal is the happiness created by self-reliance and the (almost but not quite) omnipotent feeling that comes from being totally self-contained.  

Get your adventure on...